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이름 김도현
Intercom 3929 E-mail DoHyun.Kim@kaist.ac.kr
Website http://procal.kaist.ac.kr
Research Fields Functional Nano Particles, Microfluidic Systems, Microelectronic Processes, Process Modeling and Simulation, Systems Biology, Transport Phenomena, Resource Recycling Processes
이름 김범준
Intercom 3935 E-mail bjkim02@kaist.ac.kr
Website http://pnel.kaist.ac.kr
Research Fields Organic Solar Cells, Polymer/ Inorganic Hybrid Materials, Polymer LEDs, Polymer Thin Films, Nanoparticles and Nanowires
이름 김신현
Intercom 3911 E-mail kim.sh@kaist.ac.kr
Website http://isml.kaist.ac.kr/
Research Fields Droplet-based microfluidics, Microencapsulation and controlled release, Synthesis of functional microparticles, Colloidal photonic crystals
이름 김종득
Intercom 3921 E-mail kjd@kaist.ac.kr
Website http://tie.kaist.ac.kr
Research Fields Colloids and interface process, Drug Deleivery System, magnetic diagnosis and cosmetics, Energy storage and LC holography materials
이름 박승빈
Intercom 3928 E-mail sbpark7@kaist.ac.kr
Website http://web.kaist.ac.kr/~lamp/
Research Fields Green processing of new materials, Alternative energy by photocatalysis, Chemical product design
이름 박오옥
Intercom 3923 E-mail ookpark@kaist.ac.kr
Website http://stereo.kaist.ac.kr
Research Fields Polymer nanomaterials and devices, Polymer ight emitting diodes & polymer solar cells, Colloid crystals & soft lithography, metal nanoparticles & nanorheology
이름 이도창
Intercom 3937 E-mail dclee@kaist.edu
Website http://dclee.kaist.ac.kr
Research Fields Synthesis and characterization of quantum dots and carbon Nanomaterials, Design and fabrication of ultracapacitors/photodetectors/photocatalysts based on colloidal nanocrystals
이름 이재형
Intercom 3926 E-mail jayhlee@kaist.ac.kr
Website http://lense.kaist.ac.kr
Research Fields Energy System Modeling and Optimization, Carbon Footprinting and Life Cycle Assessment, Biorefinery Supply Chain, Machine Learning for Protein Engineering, Predictive Control
이름 임성갑
Intercom 3936 E-mail sgim@kaist.ac.kr
Website http://ftfl.kaist.ac.kr/
Research Fields Biomaterials, Surface-Cell interaction, Chemical vapor deposition of functional polymers, surface function-alization, Conducting polymers, Organic Electronics
이름 정희태
Intercom 3931 E-mail heetae@kaist.ac.kr
Website http://ooem.kaist.ac.kr
Research Fields Molecular Assembly, Soft-nanolithography, Opto-electronic Materials & Devices